Christ Consciousness

Heart Centered Consciousness

Unconditional Love. Unity Consciousness.

As I am being guided to reach out to HUmanity through these Divine Ascension Energies, those processing Shadow can express Anger, Hatred, Rage, Resentment and more.

As we are all being led into Our forward Evolution, We release the old Energy imprintings. We are all offered the choice of Surrender and to embrace Heart Centered Consciousness ~ Christ Consciousness.

God’s Love is Unconditional. Free Will allows for the endless opportunity to choose Love.


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Christ Consciousness

Unconditional Love. Unity Consciousness.

Each time Anger surfaces, We are in Divine Relationship with Our Higher Shelves. Duality sees it as Victim/Persecutor Consciousness (Suffering, Abuse, Control, Manipulation….All Aspects of Fear).

We forgive Others as We forgive Ourselves.

I am Lovingly and Diligently responding. If Bullying and Hatred remain, I delete. THERE IS NO NEED OF SUFFERING. We let go of Drama and let God.

Please know that if I miss something that Our only thought should be to allow. We do not need to suffer in Duality but also We acknowledge that all are on the perfect path for their evolution.


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Unity Consciousness

Unconditional Love. Unity Consciousness.

If it brings up something for You (a trigger) acknowledge and release the Energy back to Source, never to return to this Earthly Plane. You no longer need it. Blessed!

Engagement is not necessary. Your vibration is of Sacred Importance. Allow. Ground Your Love through Your Sacral Chakra into the Heart of Mother Gaia. You will feel the support and Love of Mother.

All is well. All is well.

We are all so Divine in God’s Love. We do not compare, analyze or judge Ourselves or Others. There is no need. As we live in Divine Love, We have no need to be anything but Love and We know with confidence that all will unfold in Perfection.

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Since 1993

Unconditional Love - Christ Consciousness

Learning to Live in Unconditional Love ~ Christ Consciousness ~ Unity.

The One Heart of Unity is an Experience (The Heart). It cannot be grasped from Dogma (The Mind).

As we continue to live in Love and Unity, we understand and empathize with those wishing to embrace this new Energy and Vibration. It is tangible but is known through Experience.

Open Hearts loving all of Creation through Free Will ~ The One Heart ~ The Cosmic Heart.

As we continue to leave the old ways behind, it gets more uncomfortable for those that are in slavery to the Mind. As the Miscreation of the Matrix or Shadow are revealed and dissolved, we embrace the opportunity for all to Open their Hearts and to Experience Love.

What does it look like to experience Love….it is the Love of Mother or Father for the child. It is the pure love of brother and sister. It is the Holy Sacrament in Marriage. It is the Illumined Truth of Being Love.

Hold onto the purest Love that you have experienced and BE that Love. Day by Day that Love will grow. Still the Mind. Tell Mind to be quiet as you transfer all to the Heart.

Choose to live in Harmony and Grace through Your Heart. Avoid the Drama of Dogma and Duality. Their struggle is real and we send them healing Love that they may See Duality is Endless Suffering.

Bless them and release whatever arises to Source, never to return to the Earth Plane.

In that release, We release for the Collective (all Humanity) and as we do this, we enliven the Field for More Love and more Divine Opportunity to be in Love. One Heart…the Cosmic Heart of Christ Consciousness.

And So It IS.

Luminara El An Ra
Elohim of the Second Ray
Bringer of Love, Wisdom and Illumination



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