Clarion Call to All Sovereign Beings of Light ~ Om Wave Resonance of Group Meditation

This time is so amazing and so precious. We are moving in a most Divine Time. Can You feel it. Your Awaking continues to unfold and your body transforming into a Light Body. It is Time. As Sovereign Beings of Light, it is time to embrace the responsibility and to hold high the Holy Grail of Christ Consciousness. As We are walking into our New World, we resolve to walk in this New Light in Deep Devotion and Responsibility. We Embrace Our Sovereign Nature.

The Galactic Light Forces are engaged in battle as are we. Beyond the veil and behind the veil, we fight in different ways. Our way here on Sacred Gaia is through Heart Centered Consciousness. It is the embracing of Kindness and Grace. It is centered in Loving All That Is. As Above and So Below……as Source so loves all of Creation, so We shall love all that arises. We fight our battle on the level of our consciousness and with the integration of our High Hearts. We are the Light Warriors and we function in the Field of Super Radiance. A field beyond the veil. A field of Transcendence…….Unified Field of all Possibilities. Quantum Physics bringing us the Power of the One. Unity Consciousness. When we own this Unified Field of all Possibilities, we are our True Divine Selves. We are Eternal and We are Invincible.

When we come together in this Unified Field of All Possibilities, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. The power of the One coming together as the Many will bring us the Victory of the Light. It is a Super Radiance that is Invincible. Gathering together in groups to meditate and to co-create is the highest service. Embrace it. Gather with your Soul Families and co-create Heaven on Earth. You will know the focus of the work you are to do. It will unfold. Take action and it will come.

The Cosmic Mother….the Adi Shakti force brings us the Light of Christ Consciousness and a New World. She is returning to her rightful place and she is blessing all her realms once more to their Original Divine Radiance. We open our Cosmic Hearts to receive with Full Faith and Gratitude.

The time is Now. No more slipping back into Density and old behaviors. Resolve to release all that does not serve Your Highest Good. Stand Tall and resolve to be Your Highest Self anchored here on Gaia to bring Christ Consciousness and Heaven on Earth. Make the commitment to meditate twice a day and to join the Unity Meditations or Group Meditations.

Change all thoughts to only kind thoughts and embrace the allowance that all are on the path and that we love all of Creation. We let go and we Let God. We are infinite and the boundaries are no longer necessary. We have much to do in 2018. We must remove the last aspects of the Darkness and bring the healing energies to Gaia so that the Goddess may be installed and the Healing completed for Sacred Gaia and for Humanity. We do this by changing how we think and act in every waking moment. You got this….we are made of Love….God’s Love.

Join with me in Unity to bring The Victory of the Light.

You are the One and We are One in the Unity of Christ Consciousness

Luminara El An Ra

Note: Super Radance Meditations. I will be posting Guidelines for Meditations within the Guardian of Oneness Group. It is a closed group that is dedicated to the Ascension. We are embracing the Om Wave Resonance of Group Meditation. Let’s ramp this up and take it viral. We don’t push…we just know and we do. It will come.

Note of Clarification: Christ Consciousness is a state of Consciousness. Jesus Christ was an Ascended Master who took physical form to bring the teachings of Christ Consciousness to Humanity. The Patriarchal Dominion altered his teachings.

Transformative Artist: David Gendron

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