Declaration to All Beloveds


Such powerful words. The Power that brought Victory of the Light. Cosmic Hearts coming together and joining hands in Unity to bring the Christ Light to our Beloved Gaia and All HUmanity.

I AM releasing now the final fear of Mother. I have been fearless in protecting all those I have Loved in this most recent time here on Sacred Gaia. I have traveled the path to find a Completeness in Self Love. It is our Divine Work of releasing all that no longer serves our highest good that has brought us to this beautiful place of renewal and redemption. We surrender and we embrace the Light as it comes to us in all the Colors of Love….Blue, Golden, Rainbow, Green, Diamond, Violet….all the vibrations of Love in Light.

Duality brought the need of Mother to protect. She is fierce and she will do battle of major proportions….bring it….fire, destruction of apocalyptic nature. Vanquished. I have a protective nature. I will not defend myself but I will defend others fiercely. As I am embracing the Newness and the Knowing of what is to come…..I will no longer need to protect Others for they have Become. They walk with me in this Now and I no longer need FEAR in any way, shape of form. I have done well and I have become self sufficient by helping other become self sufficient. We Journey together and we have no need of Fear on any level. We are fully developed in the All That Is. Thank you for all that You have taught me. I am grateful.

We can celebrate those last remnants of Duality leaving us Now and giving us the Freedom of the One.

And So It Is.

You are the One and We are One in the Unity of Christ Consciousness.

Luminara El An Ra

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