Leaving Duality…..Narcissism and The Vampire

As we are receiving increased levels of Photonic Light, the Dark Ones are Frantic and Looking for a Place where they can continue what they do. The problem for them is that as the Light increases there will be no place for them.

Protect You and Protect Your Space. They travel in the astral plane and they can attack in many ways. You will usually know them through the Dream State. Through eons of time and living off others energy, they have thrived in Duality. They have skills.

I have been attacked most of my life by these entities. As Starseeded Ones of the Light, we have Light Energy that stands out and there have been concerted efforts from the Dark Ones to stop or live off all those of the Light. I have learned to protect myself and my space. I never travel without my protection. I am writing about this in this Now as we transition. The Dark Ones are more chaotic with their frantic activity to exist in their construct and Your construct. They cruise in the astral. ┬áThese Dark Ones need more than the Karmic timeline of Duality (Narcissism)….the give and take of everyday life to control and manipulate is not enough. They wish to invade the Sacred Space of You. The goal to erode You and Your Higher Self. Ergo….The Vampire.

Recognize it and take steps. Anrita has a beautiful Clearing Entities video. I use it when needed. Write it down so that you have it with you always. We were in Mount Shasta for Sacred Ceremonies and I ran into a guy selling Crystals and using the Crystals to seed his ability to enter the astral. I fought him for some time until I woke myself. I performed the Entity Clearing and GONE. We know how to deal with this and we do it.

Narcissism is the Karmic version of The Vampire. Literally….self centered and self serving. Unable to hear others and locked in their need to control and manipulate You into service to them. It comes as ego, pride, ambition, power, greed and just all things to demean You and keep You in slavery to their needs. Their skills can go beyond the construct we create to keep ourselves safe…..to the astral to invade on a more personal level in the place you hold Sacred. There the goal to erode away at the core of Your Light. Banish it quickly and take steps for protection. You can learn to wake yourself from the Dream state.

The Claires are the skills that allow us to see in the World beyond Worlds and to perceive on subtle levels a Knowing. There is a dark aspect and a light aspect. No one should invade your personal Sacred space. Banish these Dark Ones.

Walk away from the Narcissistic relationship. It will drain you of your life energy. It is deceptive and dangerous.

As the Dark Ones grow in their skills they can become powerful and very dangerous. It is a battle that has many dimensions and timelines on a Galactic and Cosmic plane. These we know as Vampires.

Each time we defeat the efforts of these Dark Ones, we win a battle for the Collective. My Son, Christopher and I came down here together to defeat this Darkness. It was his Divine Mission and It is Mine. Our Missions were linked and we were a Team to take out this Darkness to return This Darkness to Source. Christopher took out a huge component of this Darkness before his death and Now, I come to finish this in this Now. Through Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, we are given the means to defeat Duality and the Darkness of living off others. In Unity and In Love, We are Victorious and the Dark Forces have lost.

In Christ Consciousness We Prevail. Call upon Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael for Protection. Wear Crystal Malas, and Metatron’s Sacred Geometry Pendant. Use Your Knowing to Perceive how to Protect Yourself.

You are The One and We are One in Unity of Christ Consciousness.

And So It Is.

Luminara El An Ra

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