As I have lived in the nothingness of myself….no needs….no expectations….no need to be known….I awakened to the need to express my journey to Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love. A call of profound Love from the Cosmos to come home and bring HUmanity.

The no change of my life became the Cosmic Change of Love.

The World of Duality is by it’s nature confinement. Boundaries exist.

The nothingness of myself was vast and boundless. Let us walk into the Boundless Love of Christ Consciousness. No Mind to analyze. No categories. No judgement.

We choose the Vastness of ourselves. We choose to redefine how we exist. Where Density once held us, we now become the Light and Vibration of Love. We are the Trees. We are the Wind. We are the small ant and the massive Elephant. BE in this Newness of this Now. There is no time here. There is no future here. There is no past. Only the BEingness of You in this Now. We ARE All That Is.

Whatever arises for You….Love it. Embrace it. BE it.

The Omnipresent Now is where We reside in The Unity of Christ Consciousness.

You are the One and We are One.

Luminara El An Ra
Elohim of the Second Ray
Bringer of Love, Wisdom and Illumination

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