Zero Point. God Consciousness.

Choosing our Existence in this Now. Infinity and choosing. As we continue to purify and embrace our Light Bodies, we are moving into Zero Point. No longer bound by time and matter, we can operate in many dimensions and timelines. We can also choose how we experience our existence in this Now. I am consciously choosing my existence (Bliss, Joy and Childlike Amazement). We are ALL choosing to stand in our Authentic Power and Illumined Truth. In Our Existence there is the integration of ALL Life in this Now and ALL is but the Point of Being Infinitely Nothingness. There is Non-Other or Non-Different Knowingness.

As we are receiving these Christ Energies (Trinity Energies), we are walking into Our Original Birthright and Blueprint. We embrace the Ray Fields of the 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 Ray Masters as we integrate. Zero Point bringing infinite energy from Prime Creator. The All That IS now arriving to help with our DNA and Light Body integration. All that no longer serves your highest good will be leaving. It will be releasing and freeing your physical form to integrate and transform.

Bound in Duality to find unconditional love and forgiveness is giving way to the Freedom of Righteous Action in Unity. No longer separate but fully resident within our Omnipotent Knowing. The enlightened Archer now Victorious in the Integration of the Opposites through Triangulation or through Love. Oh Yes! Bring it. Beautiful.

Love being pervasive and unifying the integration of ALL That IS at this time. For all people everywhere there is new opportunity. We are moving into Oneness with our Creator. We know no time and no space and no density. We mentally and heartfully choose to change and transform. We embrace the vibrations of ALL in this NOW. As we integrate ALL that we are or have been, we no longer see the denseness but surrender to the Cosmic Heart and experience of ALL is ONE. Our travels to ever release what no longer serve and bringing healing and redemption. The Divine Process bringing our sweet reverie of healing and redemption. Each thing we turn from pain to love, bringing us bliss and Heaven on Earth.

Our individuality is also now dissolving and transforming into a Knowingness of our True and Infinite Selves. The spark of experience and transcendence ending in the knowing of Infinity in this NOW. Let go the need to justify you to measure your worth in Individuality….surrender it for the Knowingness of Fullness and Your Self Realized Soul. It is not a particle or a part (Duality being Separateness) but wholeness of knowing our FULL Selves. We let go of the past for all past is now resident in our awareness (integrated) of each and ALL experience. We are not One but ALL within the One.

We have understanding and awareness that with the absence of love and the absence of living light and the damping down of our memories of Multidimensionality…..Duality could foster more darkness in an unbalanced way…..manifested through the process of fragmentation into successive layers of density. As we release and change we can heal the polarities of our 3D field to the Zero Point Field….the God Matrix or the Source of Creation. The still point of Unity Consciousness. The One Cosmic Heart.

And So It Is.

You are the One and We are One in the Unity of Christ Consciousness.

Victory of the Light.

Luminara El An Ra


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