Ascension Upgrades – Sparkles of Light and The Roar of the Lion

It is a deliciously interesting time. I have always loved Diversity. I embrace all aspects of my feeling self. The cold of the night and the warmth of the day. The brilliant Sun and the Luminous Moon. Puppies and kitties so uniquely different but playful Love. Kind Hearts will always melt me. Dozing in the garden is always a sweet thing with the Elementals coming into view and lovingly tending to me. Dancing Wildly to the Shiva Moon with abandon and the primal drum beat of my Heart bringing some Cosmic unfolding of the Real and True Me. I have been Graced with Fullness of Experience in the Knowing State.

Let it all be revealed. Welcome it for it is most amazing. Duality has been but training wheels. You are amazing and it is time to acknowledge it and to allow all aspects of it to emerge.

These new energies have been sweet on most days but they can also come in like the Roar of a Lion. I had about 3 days of total bliss with such a sweetness that it left me blissed out. You can always tell by my writing what is going on……and then stronger energies arrived and the triggered reaction of Anger. We welcome this beautiful opportunity always to release and integrate our newness. When the Anger comes….we have seen something within ourselves that we want to change. Beautiful. Yes…..make it so. After a bit when we realize what is being asked of us….to release all that no longer serves our highest good…..we do not question but we acknowledge our awareness and we release back to Source, never to return to the Earthly plane ever again.

Matt Kahn is a beautiful Soul who helps us to understand this Anger and what it means to us. He explains that all is but the Divine Play and all are but Players in the Play. When someone Angers You, You are really only seeing that which You wish to change within Your Self. It is a new concept and requires some behavior changes to reverse the Infinity of the Mirror….so to speak. Embrace it and allow of aspects of You to become New.

Your evolution is Sacred. Each time you embrace change and modify you behavior, you are made new. When we can start to understand that those that hurt you are also hurt, we have the ability to understand Duality better. Freedom comes from letting go of all aspects of Duality.

We are all made up of Light and Shadow. When we experience fear, we are in Shadow. Anger and Hurt are but part of Duality which uses the Persecutor/Victim Consciousness. Can we say Duality is Shadow….yes….and when we bring in the Light and change our behavior….we are walking into the Light. When we let go of the Persecutor/Victim Consciousness, we are freed up to emerge into the Ascension and our Multidimensionality.

Are we all signed up for this transition? No that is not the case and as the Light becomes more and more intense, we will observe the struggles and chaos of those that live off others…..coming undone. Change is always possible and free will gives all the choice to be made.

So when the Sparkles happen….enjoy and when the Anger comes like the Roar of a Lion, allow for You are the One. The anger is a means to release the Darkness that the Divine Feminine is purging and that Gaia is releasing. We process and we release for the Collective. Hold on and know that we are emerging into the Unity of Christ Consciousness. We got this and it will come like The Roar of the Lion.

You are the One and We are One in Unity of Christ Consciousness.

Victory of the Light

Luminara El An Ra



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