Walking into Invincibility

As we are receiving these Christed Energies, We are healing our Separate Selves. Divine Mother bringing the healing of the Divine Masculine. As we receive and heal our wounded inner child and release all that no longer serves Our Highest Good, we are Merging into the Unified Field. This new Wholeness we are and embody is changing our World and the Ascension Comes on Golden Rays of God Consciousness. We are Walking in the Garden once again.

Allow and enjoy the Rapture. Be in the Sun and receive all that belongs to You. We receive and we integrate all of our Multidimensional Selves and Knowing to establish Our Invincibility. We Hold the Light in the Vortex of Invincibility. What does this mean….it means that the Darkness has been removed. We continue to clear the imprinting at the cellular level in form. The echoes of the Damage are also clearing very fast now. Hold on. Hold on to the Light. We are Victorious and We Walk as Co-Creators on this Sacred Gaia.

We now enter the Kingdom of God’s Infinite Love……..The Boundless Love that Loves All that Arises. We are the spark of Creation that brings the Light. We are Invincible.

And So It Is.

You are the One and We are One in the Unity of Christ Consciousness.

Victory of the Light

Luminara El An Ra


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